retail innovation foundry

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The Foundry

Cofounded by Ivanhoé Cambridge & Galilei, a specialized innovation non-for-profit affiliated with Concordia University, the Retail Innovation Foundry (RIF). RIF also brings together shopping centre operators, retailers, technology companies, university researchers & innovation activators whose collaborative efforts are stimulating the next generation of applications, tools and experiences for the Canadian retail sector.


Building an Ecosystem of Collaboration

RIF brings together mall operators, retailers, technology start-ups, academia and innovation activators to ignite the next generation of applications, tools and experiences in Canadian retail.


A Guide to Responsibly Harness Data-Driven Technologies

Written in collaboration with McCarthy Tétrault, ex-privacy commissioners, industry leaders and researchers, RIF has published a white paper based on our responsible data governance and consumer privacy,

Consumer privacy is at the heart of what we do, and it is the reason why we want to invigorate the retail industry through the responsible use of new technologies.

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Welcome to the Brave New World of Retail

Ivanhoe Cambridge, McCarthy Tétrault, Galilei and le Conseil québécois du commerce de detail (CQCD), hosted a 4 @ 7 style event by the Retail Innovation Foundry, at McCarthy Tétrault’s office, to discuss the responsible use of data technologies in improving the shopping experience.


The Retail Innovation Foundry Summit

On April 2nd 2019, The Retail Innovation Foundry brought together over 40 senior executives of leading retailers wtith a few tech startups, experts and artificial intelligence researchers to share applied learnings, insights and tacos at Grumman'78.

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The Pilot Project at Place Ste-Foy

To help local retailers get a firm grip on new technologies to offer superior service to their customers, the Retail Innovation Foundry (RIF) carried out a pilot project using anonymous video analytics (AVA) on the premises of three participating Place Ste-Foy retailers: BonLook, La Vie en Rose and Tristan, from January 21, 2019, to March 31, 2019.
While protecting consumer privacy, this pilot project provided a better understanding of consumer profiles and behaviours in the participating retailers’ physical spaces and generated knowledge that will be used, among other things, to help make shopping simpler and more enjoyable for consumers.